While not an actual sidequest, you can have Vaul in Gultchfort, B1F cook various recipes for you to use, especially for the Need Food! side quest. In order to do so, you just need to find the recipe and it ingredients.

Banero SteakEdit

  • Blazing Recipe (激辛レシピ?): (Palfina Cathedral, library, 2nd left bookshelf)
    • 10 Banero Peppers (Endless Sands, 1st area: quicksand circle Harvest Point)
    • 1 Dragon Meat (Dragon-type enemy drop)

Rock Lizard StewEdit

  • Bizarre Recipe (ゲテモノレシピ?): (Lake Soleil, Gardner's house)
    • 10 Rock Lizards (Lake Soleil Walking Path; Harvest Point @ road fork, rare)
    • 2 Lihit Grass (Lake Soleil; bush Harvest Point near Nervel entrance)
    • 1 Shiitake (common harvest from same point as Rock Lizard)

Bellel CookieEdit

  • Crunchy Recipe (サクサクレシピ?): (Gultchfort)
    • 4 Bellel Wheat (Midee Highway harvest, log above Force Site)
    • 1 Taurine Apple (either Harvest Point at Nervel Entrance)
    • 1 Holy Water (Palfina Center Area harvest; don't flush fountain water)

Dragon RoastEdit

  • S & S Recipe (甘辛レシピ?): (Sealed Library)
    • 1 Dragon Meat
    • 1 Banero
    • 1 Numetake (Spirit Forest, grass in 3rd map; Gardner's house, well, rare)
    • 1 Royal Liquid (Fort Faulken Castle Gates hidden harvest)

Fruity CakeEdit

  • Sweet Recipe (スイートレシピ?): (Inside Mother Worm)
    • 1 Rainbow Fruit
    • 1 Taurine Apple
    • 3 Bellel Wheat
    • 1 Forest Water (Spirit Forest, Sacred Tree, lake harvest)

Sankt SaladEdit

  • Fresh Recipe (フレッシュレシピ?): (Palfina Cathedral, Plaza Caravan beside in front of the fountain)
    • 2 Healing Herbs (Midee Highway, sames Bellel Wheat, uncommon)
    • 2 Lihit Grass
    • 2 Green Laver (Gardner's house, well)

Roasted HoloEdit

  • Stamina Recipe (スタミナレシピ?): (Dragon's Abyss)
    • 2 Holo Meat (Bird-type enemy drop)
    • 1 Taurine Apple
    • 1 Royal Liquid
    • 3 Lihit Grass

Dreamy TeaEdit

  • Refreshing Recipe (さわやかレシピ?): (Ravena Castle)
    • 1 Healing Herb
    • 1 Millenium Grass (Dragon's Abyss, bottom floor, secret path rocks, rare)
    • 1 Holy Water
    • 3 Alchemilla


  • Delicate Recipe (まろやかレシピ?): (Dragon's Abyss)
    • 1 Sunflower (Midee Highway flowers, after 2nd bridge)
    • 1 Millenium Laver
    • 3 Rock Lizards
    • 1 Healing Herb

Silvervine SoupEdit

  • Semisweet Recipe (ほろにがレシピ?): (Gultchfort)
    • 10 Silvervine Leaves
    • 2 Forest Water
    • 2 Firefly Laver

K.O. VittlesEdit

  • K.O. Recipe (必殺レシピ?): (Altar of Nervel)
    • 3 Dragon Blood (Dragon-type enemy drop)
    • 4 Agaricus Mushrooms (Spirit Forest; log near entrance to Force Site area)
    • 2 Majin Horns (boss drop)

Imperial FeastEdit

  • Ultimate Recipe (究極レシピ?): (Dying Youth, Mother Worm)
    • 1 Narcissus (Nervel palm tree drop)
    • 1 Knowledge Fruit (quest reward)
    • 1 Holo Meat
    • 6 Matsutakes (Lake Soleil Walking path, tree near wall crack; rare harvest)


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