Rafael Gemini
Rafael Gemini
Japanese Name ラフィルト・ジェミナイ
Age 15
Race Human
Home Lake Soleil
World Lustrous Side
Role Ally
Weapon Divine Greatsword Grantein
Voice Masako Ookouchi (JP)
Yuri Lowenthal (US)

Rafael Gemini (ラフィルト・ジェミナイ Rafiruto Jeminai?) is one of Cecilia Armaclite's party members in Hexyz Force. He is the Hexyz who have inherited Dualis the Whirlwind's Force, and Luffina Gemini's older twin brother. Like Cecilia and Luffina, he also has a nickname, and he is sometimes called "Raffi" for short.


Rafael is known to be very passionate, and he sometimes acts as Cecilia's conscience during her travels. He seems to have an interest with Cecilia. He values his twin sister, Luffina, more than anything in the world.


Character Status Edit

Paired with Grantein, Rafael is excellent at weakening enemies. His speed is somewhat average, but compensates with his Gemini Boost skill. He boasts the third highest Defense stat in the game, making him an overall well-rounded character.

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