Hexyz Force ~Levant Story~ Boss Phantasma Ω06:18

Hexyz Force ~Levant Story~ Boss Phantasma Ω

The Phantasma Omega is one of the toughest Tower of Judgement bosses in the upper floors.


  • WHEN: Cecilia and Levant
  • LOCATION: Tower of Judgement, Upper Floor
  • ASPECT: Cerulean Flame
  • EXP/FP: 38,000/2700
  • WEAKNESS: n/a
  • REWARD: Grendle


  • Force Laser: Deals about 500 damage to a row of Party Members.
  • Ragnadrain: Drains a percentage of a single Party Member's RP.
  • Plasma Lance: Deals about 400 damage to a single Party Member.
  • Narcoleption: Has the chance of inflicting Sleep status on your entire Party.
  • Invincibarrier: Gives Null status to self.
  • Counter Drill: Deals 350 damage to a Party Member after that Party Member attacked with a Physical attack.


  1. Beware of the Force Laser. If any of your Party Members can use Support Skills, make sure to pile them on top of each other.
  2. Watch out for Invincibarrier, as its renders all given damage to 0. DO NOT to use high-RP moves or Bursts at this time. Use the time to heal and cast Support Skills.

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