Aspect Cerulean Flame
Primary Wielder Faust Schnizer
Other User(s) Irene von Rosenbaum
Location Defeat Faust, Phase 7
MAX Tech 1
MAX Power 140

The Divine Melody Olfelt (神奏オルフェルト?) is a harp Ragnafact of the Aspect divinities. It was formerly wielded by Faust Schnizer who inherited the Force of Dauro the Wise (智謀のダウロ?), until his defeat at the Upper Tower.

Skill LV RP Power Type Description Usable by
Calming Melody 1 5 Force Basic skill, cancel buffs on one enemy. Ciel, Irene
Crippling Tune 1 18 Assist Inflict seals upon all enemies Ciel, Irene
Lullaby 1 18 Assist Inflict sleep upon all enemies Ciel, Irene
Dissonance 1 24 Assist Inflict multiple effects upon all foes Ciel, Irene
Mournful Dirge 1 15 Force Reduce all foes' Strength Ciel, Irene
Tender Melody 1 15 Force Reduce all foes' Defense Ciel, Irene
Soul Jam 1 15 Force Reduce all foes' Agility Ciel, Irene

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