Norgaia, God of Creation and Destruction

The God of Genesis, Norgaia (創破神ノル=ギア?) is the combination of Norvia, The Goddess of Creation and Delgaia, The God of Destruction. He appears as the final boss of the game if selecting the Destruction ending.

Game Info Edit

The god of beginning possessing both aspects of creation and destruction before chaos, before its existence split between Norvia and Delgaia. It is considered to be the original wielder of all the divine Ragnafacts before the divinities.


After defeating Delgaia, Galiza takes advantage of the moment Delgaia gets defeated to escape from Azul's body to merge with Norvia. Now against the Hexyzs, Norvia takes a more powerful, demonic form holding equipped with Ragnafacts similar to the there pillars' weapons.


  • Gloria - Deals 2 lightning hits to the while party.
  • Offertorium - Deals 3 hits to the while party.
  • Sequentia - Deals about 400 damage to a row of the Party.
  • Agnus Dei - Deals 2000 damage to the whole Party.
  • Kyrios - Deals 500 Holy damage to a single Party Member.
  • Instotrius  Deals about 400 damade to a column of the party.
  • Gradule - Deals about 400 damade to a column of the party.
  • Alleluia - Deals 500 damage to a single Party Member.


Nor-Gaia is essentially Galiza with the same appearance, but with greater stats and a more varied movepool that focuses on targeting the party. Like in Galiza's final boss strategy, equip all your party members with Decoy Dolls, as Agnus Dei deals 2000+ damage. Offertorium seems like it would be a worry, but it tends to deal under 300 per hit in my experience.

Your party should be levels around into the 60s), but most likely it will take them out. But just like with Galiza, keep Cecilia on healing duty and definitely make sure to heal any survivors back to full after Agnus Dei. Nor-Gaia can easily be taken down if you use your best skills and Bursts.


  • The appearance of both Galiza and Norgaia are the same, being in different endings along with its attacks.

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