Need Food!
Sidequest-Dying youth
When First Visit
Who Dying Youth
Where Inside Mother Worm
Reward Various (see below)
List of Sidequests


In your first visit to Mother Worm, you probably noticed the guy laying on the ground. To get food for the Dying Youth, you need to find recipes and ingredients for them, then talk to Vaul in Gultchfort's kitchen until he offers to make something for you. If you're low on any ingredient for a recipe, he'll tell you what it is and how many you still need. After the first few feedings, look in the empty room in MW since he'll eventually locate there permanently. You need to fight five battles before you can feed him again.

Depending on how much of the ingredients you have, whipping up six Holo Roasts (Stamina Recipe) is the quickest way to finish the quest.

When you complete the quest, fight five more battles and go back in his room. Scan near the suit of armor in the corner for Orb of Hope while the armor itself has Narcissus hidden on it. Check near the pumpkin for 2x Amber, near the barrels for 5x White Lapis, and the chest has Nightmare Gem.

His rewards vary and you can continue to give him food once you finish the main quest. There are a few fixed rewards, which are: Water Ring, Reactor Key B, Ultimate Recipe, and Old Filament (a Stigald Fragment, which is the final reward).

The Various rewards are:

  • Adamastia, Ash Lumber, Blue Lapis, Chi Bracelet, Devil Grass, Element Will, Glowing Metal, Irispira, Meteor Necklace, Millenium Laver, Oak Lumber, Platinum Crown, Purple Lapis, Star Sand, Sun Brooch, Vitality Earring.


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