Luffina Gemini
Luffina Gemini
Japanese Name ルフィーナ・ジェミナイ
Age 15
Race Human
Home Lake Soleil
World Lustrous Side
Role Ally
Weapon Divine Orb Algenteria
Voice Yuuko Gotou (JP)

Luffina Gemini (ルフィーナ・ジェミナイ?) is one of Cecilia Armaclite's party members in Hexyz Force. She is the Hexyz who have inherited force of Aliete the Seer, and Rafael Gemini's younger twin sister by relation. She is also sometimes nicknamed "Luffi" for short.


Luffina is an easygoing girl who can get along with most people, but she also have soft side that easily get scared and becomes a crybaby when things get bad while being alone. She also loves to cook.


Phase 2: The Quest for the Monoliths Edit

Luffina was first seen using her abilities to seen premonition and saw Rafael and Cecilia coming to Gardner's House. She then rushed toward the lake to meet up and guide the group home. She get along with Cecilia and calls her Big Sis to her own enjoyment. Luffina went with Rafael and Cecilia together with Gardner into the Monolith's Chamber in Nervel Altar only to be beaten and kidnapped by Faus.

Phase 4: In the Land of Eternal Darkness Edit

Luffina was seen in the first scene of phase 4, being held captive in a rune engraved prison, crying. Bahn asks for her conditions and promises to look into her situation to her short relives. Right after Bahn leaves, Faus appears and says something about Luffina being her pawn and try to do something to her. The scene ends with Luffina screaming. Later, she appears controlled by Faus when the party is at the Monolith and starts attacking them. She was successfully subdue afterward but still suffer from the Force of Destruction. When the party find the Divine Book at the Sealed Library, Luffina is cured and joins the party again on their quest.

Character StatusEdit

Like Ciel, Luffina is regarded being the party member with low defense and strength on their respective sides. Her strongest suit is being a magic-centered character, about the equivalent of a Black Mage. She's the most agile and along with her high Force stats, can make her a deadly attacker with her magic-based skills. With her Twinkle Heal Burst, she can be one of the most useful healer of her party.

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