• [C] = Cecilia's Side, [L] = Levant's Side
Item # Name Location Found
F001 Holy Krauvando Spirit Forest [L]
F002 Holy Riafalt Palfina Cathedral [C]
F003 Holy Bluebaide Initially Equipped on Axel
F004 Grendle WON FROM: Phantasma Omega at Upper Tower of Judgment
F005 Luftshetelune Initially Equipped on Ciel
F006 Grantein Initially Equipped on Rafael
F007 Shinecrail Initially Equipped on Irene
F008 Incaross Fallen City Altair
F009 Algenteria Initially Equipped on Luffina
F010 Necrozauwar Gardner in Phase 4 [L], Start of Phase 7 [C]
F011 Runeslave Initially Equipped on Griek
F012 Olfelt WON FROM: Dark Sage at Upper Tower of Judgment
F013 Vandild WON FROM: Dark Dragon at Upper Tower of Judgment
F014 Devasti Gultchfort w/ Cestite Key
F015 Montklein WON FROM: Dark Elf at Upper Tower of Judgment
F016 Dark Revalens Fort Faulken (HARD)
F017 Dark Rassfeld Ravena Castle

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