Holy Riafalt
Aspect Pearl Light
Primary Wielder Cecilia Armaclite
Other User(s) Rafael Gemini
Luffina Gemini
Irene von Rosenbaum
Location Palfina Cathedral Monolith
(initially equipped)
MAX Tech 7
MAX Power 164

The Holy Staff Riaflat (聖杖リアファルト?) is one of the sacred Ragnafacts of the Three Divine Pillars. It is Cecilia Armaclite's primary Ragnafact inherited from Palfina, the Bringer of Bounty (豊穣のパルフィナ?). Unlike it's fellow Holy Raganafacts the Holy Krauvando and Holy Bluebaide the Holy Riafalt lacks a Dark Raganfact counterpart.

Skill LV RP Power Type Description
Release Force 0 1 Force Item's basic skill, hits one enemy.
Healing Baton 1 9 Restore Heal & cure Seal, Curse, Fear & Charm.
Saintly Fire 2 10 Force Holy attack on 1 enemy.
Divine Favor 3 12 Assist Bless an ally for 6 turns.
Breath of Life 4 18 Restore Restore consciousness to 1 ally.
Angel Tear 5 16 Restore Moderately heal all allies.
Heroic Shield 5 16 Assist Grant Protect & Barrier for 5 turns.
Radiant Strike 6 16 Force Holy attack on 1 enemy.
Nightingale 7 20 Restore Fully heal and fully cure 1 ally.
Angelic Beam Burst 1 Force Holy attack against a column.
Seraph Wave Burst 3 Force Holy attack against all foes.

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