After beating the game, continue into the other path via a New Game. Then, beat the New Game to unlock Hard Mode, which features some exclusive content.

  • All enemies have double HP and a 50% boost to all other stats, especially evasion.
  • All of your Ragnafacts and their upgrades, non-event Forcefacts, and Fusion recipes are carried over.
  • After defeating the Phantasma Omega at the Upper Tower of Judgment, it will drop the Cerulean Key, which unlocks Faust's Lab at Fort Faulken.
  • The last Ragnafact, the DARK REVALENS can be obtainable (for the title and Weapons Gallery).
  • The Chamber of Chaos is unlocked prior to the beginning of the game.
  • The Phantasma 0 extra boss is available in Faust's Lab under Fort Faulken.

The BEST Preparations for entering Hard Mode are:

  • Maxing out the Ragnafacts' Resonance of the main four characters of whichever path you are going into. (Atk Levels if necessary).
  • Equipping a Mercurio Gem equipped at all times, and a second or third one when you get it, since they stack.

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