Aspect Crimson Lotus
Primary Wielder Rafael Gemini
Other User(s) Levant von Schweitzer
Axel Faulken von Rosenbaum
Location Initially equipped
MAX Tech 7
MAX Power 194

The Divine Sword Grantein (神刃グランテイン?) is a great sword Ragnafact of the divinities. It is Rafael Gemini's primary Ragnafact inherited from Dualis the Whirlwind (旋風のデュアリス?).

Skill LV RP Power Type Description Usable by
Smack 0 1 Physical Basick skill. Attack 1 enemy. Levant, Rafael, Griek, Axel
Gemini Boost 2 8 Assist Give yourself Haste for 5 turns. Rafael
Ogre Blade 1 10 Physical Defense ignoring area attack. Levant, Rafael, Griek, Axel
Power Break 3 8 Physical Hit 1 foe and lower Strength. Levant, Rafael, Axel
Guard Break 4 9 Physical Hit 1 foe and lower Defense. Levant, Rafael, Axel
Speed Break 5 10 Physical Hit 1 foe and lower Agility. Levant, Rafael, Axel
Gaia Shockwave 6 20 Physical Strike the earth to hit all foes. Levant, Rafael, Griek, Axel
Dire Assault 7 12 Physical Hit 1 foe, Dmg rises with low HP. Levant, Rafael, Griek, Axel
Air Render Burst 1 Physical Area burst wind attack. Rafael
Stormbringer Burst 2 Physical Defense-ignoring attack to all foes. Rafael