The God of Submission, Galiza (征魔神ガリーザ ?) is the divinity of void who is the mastermind behind Azul's action par forming a contract. She is the final boss of the game if selecting the Creation ending.


After defeating Delgaia, Galiza takes advantage of the moment Delgaia gets defeated to escape from Azul's body to merge with Norvia. Now against the Hexyzs, Norvia takes a more powerful, demonic form holding equipped with Ragnafacts similar to the there pillars' weapons.


  • Kyrios - Deals 500 damage to a single Party Member.
  • Alleluia - Deals 500 damage to a single Party Member.
  • Gradule - Deals about 400 damage to a single Party Member.
  • Sequentia - Deals about 400 damage to a row of the Party.
  • Agnus Dei - Deals 2000 damage to the whole Party.
  • Instroitus - Deals about 400 damage to a single PartyMember.
  • Offertorium - Deals 60 damage to the whole Party.


Galiza has an aspect of Crimson Lotus, meaning its best to keep track of the Hexyz Charge cycle. Also, don't forget to keep track of your HP and RP. The moment your low on HP, healing is the safety margin, immediately. Use the Orb of Hope whenever one of you party member's HP and RP are low. Remember, it is the Final Battle.

Galiza changes Aspects with each turn, thus she might take advantage of the Hexyz charge chain. Break the chain before it gets too powerful.

Beware of the Agnus Dei attack, cause its the finisher that deals over 2000 damage, and that all party members should be equipped with Decoy Doll Omegas.

Priorities are to keep healing when low, and hit her hard with a boatload of strong Attacks.


  • The appearance of both Galiza and Norgaia are the same, being in different endings along with its attacks.

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