• [C] = Cecilia's Side, [L] = Levant's Side
  • F001 = Forcefact #001, S001 = Spiritfact #001, R01 = Ragnafact #001.


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F193 Red Lapis Element Will (x1)
F194 Blue Lapis Element Will (x1)
F195 Purple Lapis Element Will (x1)
F196 Green Lapis Element Will (x1)
F197 Yellow Lapis Element Will (x1)
F199 Black Lapis Black Ashes (x5)


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F203 Serontosphere White Lapis x5
F213 Chimera Blood Waste Water x2, Glowing Liquid x3, Lymphos Fluid x3, Mercury x3


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F245 Burlap Cloth Teddie Doll x3, Mantis Blade x2
F246 Nylon Nester Amber x2, Royal Liquid x1
F247 Premium Silk Mantis Wing x4, Royal Liquid x1
F248 Cashmere Goat Fur x7, Holy Water x1
F249 Spirit Cotton Forest Water x2, Devil Grass x7
F250 Watery Robe Fine Fairy Wing x5, Mermaid Scale x5, Dividing Liquid x10

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