• NOTES: F001 = Forcefact #001, S001 = Spiritfact #001, R01 = Ragnafact #001.

Head ArmorEdit

Bandanas (Male)Edit

Item # Item Name Materials Required
F004 Mighty Headband Aged Mantis Wing x2, Two-Headed Skin x3, Devil Grass x10, Alhest Solution x2
F005 Beast King Band Violent Fang x5, Lion Fang x3 Tiger's Claw x4, Dragon Horn x1
F006 Focus Bandana Alchemia x1, Tough Talon x2, Dragon Scale x1, Majin Loincloth x2
F007 Draconic Turban Dragon Blood x2, Pointy Horn x2, Serpent Skin x2
F008 Tough Bandana Tiger's Claw x2, Tiger Skin x3, Steel Shard x2
F009 Force Bandana Tiger Skin x2, Evil Bird Talon x2, Frozen Nail x1
F010 Fur Bandana Rotten Cloth x1, Devil Dog Fur x2
F011 Leather Bandana Worm Skin x3, Devil Grass x2
F012 Cloth Bandana Evil Feather x2, Fairy Wing x2

Tiaras (Female)Edit

Item # Item Name Materials Required
F015 Rainbow Tiara Draconic Force x2, Glowing Metal x3, Alchemy Crystal x10, Prism Fruit x1
F016 Platinum Crown Training Ring x2, Star Sand x2, Gold Ring x2, Fastile x6
F017 Yaehatae Yaesange x1, Mistletoe x2, Willow Leaf x2, Sunflower x2
F018 Insulated Crown Giant Fin x2, Amber x2, Trom Bone x2, Yellow Lapis x10
F019 Crystal Crown Alchemy Crystal 1, Adamastia x2, Devil Nectar x2, Glass Statue x6
F020 Ice Circlet Frozen Nail x2, Ice Crystal x1, Blue Lapis x2
F021 Force Comb Slash Feather x1, Element Will x4, Fairy Wing x9
F022 Dusk Circlet Night Drop x2, Willow Leaf x2, Millenium Lever x1
F023 Cestite Comb Majin's Cloth x2, Green Lapis x2
F024 Ash Barette Ash Lumber x1


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F026 Barrier Horn Dragon Horn x10, Bloody Scythe x2, Chimera Blood x3, Nightmare Gem x1
F027 Wall Horn Evil Shackles x1, Big Ogre Mask x5, Chimera Blood x3, Nightmare Gem x 1
F028 War Horn Majin Horn x1, Eladah Tears x2, Black Steel x4, Holy Water x3
F029 Agile Horn Majin Horn x1, Fastile x2, Dragon Scale x4, Holy Water x3
F030 Sharp Horn Dragon Horn x5, Sharp Mantis Claw x3, Arnon Gem x2, Lymphos Fluid x2
F031 Force Horn Dark Horn x5, Pointy Horn x5, Arnon Gem x2, Lymphos Fluid x2

Body ArmorEdit

Cloaks (Male)Edit

Item # Item Name Materials Required
F034 Hero's Cape Draconic Force x2, Dragon Scale x5, Golden Tree Leaf x1, Lion Fang x2
F035 Command Cloak Sad Scale x2, Majin Overcoat x2, Premium Slik x2, Alchemy Crystal x2
F036 Brave Cape Training Ring x2, Violent Fang x10, Spirit Cotton x2, Pointy Horn x8
F037 Saint's Mantle Fine Fairy Wing x5, Rare Scale x2, Serontosphere x3
F038 Hermit's Cloak Nylonester x2, Spotted Skin x2, Tough Rock Shell x2, Reaper Scythe x2
F039 Elven Mantle Spirit Cotton x1, Tiger's Claw x2, Demon Wing x1
F040 Veteran's Mantle Elegant Wing x1, Slash Feather x2, Mantis Wing x1
F041 Knight's Cloak Majin's Cloth x3, Burlap Cloth x1
F042 Mercenary Cloak Devil Dog Fur x4, Bat Wing x5
F044 Traveler's Mantle Devil Dog Fur x1

Robes (Female)Edit

Item # Item Name Materials Required
F049 Goddess Robe Aged Mantis Wing x1, Golden Tree Leaf x1, Premium Silk x4, Watery Robe x4
F050 Elven Wing Gothic Ribbon x3, Spirit Cotton x2, Forest Water x2, Serpent Skin x2
F051 Nocturne Wing Ogre Mask x2, Majin Overcoat x2, Evil Feather x15, Waste Water x2
F052 Queen's Cape Cashmere x3, Long Cape x2, Sanitary Cape x2, Aged Mantis Wing x1
F053 Butterfly Rare Scale x1, Fairy Wing x10, Nylonester x1
F054 Angel Wings Majin Loincloth x2, Sharp Mantis Claw x1, Slash Feather x3
F055 Stardust Cape Mermaid Scale x1, Premium Silk x1, Stardust x2
F056 Fancy Fairy Cursed Bone x3, Bat Wing x5
F057 Long Cape Broken Idol x3, Fur Cape x1
F058 Sanitary Cape Devil Dog Fur x3, Fur Cape x1
F059 Fur Cape Fairy Wing x3

Feet ArmorEdit

Item # Item Name Materials Required
F061 Swift Boots Sad Scale x2, Keen Fang x2, Alchemy Crystal x2, Gravity Stone x2
F062 Air Greaves Dragon Scale x2, Alchemy Crystal x2, Black Steel x2, Gravity Stone x2
F063 Fasteel MAX Hyper Fasteel x1, Tough Rock Shell x2, Amber x1, Trom Bone x1
F064 Unicorn Wings Yaesanga x1, Demon Wing x4, White Lapis x10, Serontosphere x3
F065 Hyper Fasteel Fasteel x1, Mercury x2, Hard Rock Skin x2
F066 Meteor Boots Pelvic Fragment x2, Moonlight Grass x2, Cursed Fin x1
F067 Fasteel Fastile x2, Mantis Wing x2, Demon Wing x1
F068 Beast Shoes Tiger Skin x2, Cursed Bone x5
F069 Storm Shoes Majin's Cloth x4, Green Lapis x2
F070 Elven Sandal Mermaid Scale x1, Fairy Garland x2
F071 Battle Boots Mantis Wing x1, Devil Grass x1
F072 Wind Boots Fairy Wing x3, Evil Feather x2
F073 Traveler's Shoes Devil Grass x1

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