• [C] = Cecilia's Side, [L] = Levant's Side
  • F001 = Forcefact #001, S001 = Spiritfact #001, R01 = Ragnafact #001.


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F097 Spirit Earring Dragon Blood x5, Glowing Metal x1
F098 Vitality Earring Tough Talon x2, Lymphos Fluid x2, Glowing Metal x2
F099 Majestic Earring Majin Fang x1, Abominable Horn x5, Wicked Eye x2


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F112 Savior Chain Training Ring x2, Gravity Stone x2, Gothic Ribbon x1, Serontosphere x3
F113 Draconic Ring Dragon Horn x4, Majin Ring x2, Tough Scale x10, Red Lapis x10
F114 War God's Seal Tiger's Claw x3, Majin Ring x2, Rock Beast Shell x4, Gold Ring x2
F115 Turtillian Ring Mermaid Scale x2, Tough Scale x2, Hard Rock Skin x2
F116 Evil Ward Devil Nectar x3, Majin Ring x2, Firefly Laver x3
F117 Grounding Ring Glowing Fin x2


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F118 Wakiya Necklace Dark Horn x2, Reaper Scythe x3, Abominable Horn x5, Spotted Skin x2
F119 Frozen Necklace Frozen Nail x5, Ice Cyrstal x8, Gravity Stone x3
F120 Meteor Necklace Pointy Horn x3, Evil Feather x4, Evil Bird Talon x2


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F121 Beast Bangle Keen Fang x2, Alchemy Crystal x4, Tiger's Claw x4, Ogre Mask x2
F122 Solar Bangle Trom Bone x1, Dragon Blood x5, Dragon Horn x1, Sunflower x4
F123 Rune Bangle Cursed Fin x2, Gold Ring x2, Star Sand x5
F124 Aegis Bangle Lion Fang x2, Steel Shard x4, Glass Statue x2
F125 Soul Bangle Majin Ring x3, Ash Lumber x3
F126 Battle Bracer Rock Beast Shell x1, Rotten Cloth x5


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F127 Venus Guard Sad Scale x2, Phantasm Alloy x1, Holy Water x4, Lihit Grass x2
F128 Guardian Bracer Alchemy Crystal x4, Rare Scale x3, Glass Statue x10
F129 Exorcism Bangle Black Ashes x10, Serontosphere x2, Alchemy Crystal x2
F130 Crystal Bangle Pelvic Fragment x5, Glowing Liquid x5, Broken Idol x7
F131 Chi Bracelet Steel Shard x5, Gravity Stone x1
F132 Purity Bracelet Element Will x2


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F133 Goddess Necklace Black Steel x2, Chimera Blood x2, Alhest Solution x1, Holy Water x4
F134 Crystal Necklace Watery Robe x1, Frozen Nail x5, Glass Statue x4
F135 Sheng Long Chain Elegant x1, Broken Idol x3
F136 Fortune Chain Oak Lumber x1


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F137 Prism Necklace Prism Fruit x1, Fine Fairy Wing x2, Black Ashes x5, Serontosphere x3
F138 Sun Brooch Tough Scale x1, Glowing Fin x2, Sunflower x3
F139 Capy Necklace Capy Doll x1, Cursed Bone x2


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F106 Light Trinket Black Steel x2, Mercury x2, Glowing Metal x2, Night Drop x1
F107 Defence Trinket Steel Lump x2, Glowing Metal x2, Royal Liquid x1, Serontosphere x3
F108 Strength Trinket Alchemy Crystal x2, Rock Beast Shell x1, Night Drop x1
F109 Mystic Trinket Tough Talon x2, Dragon Blood x1, Glass Statue x5
F110 Speed Trinket Evil Bird Talon x2, Glowing Metal x1
F111 Dextrous Trinket Wicked Eye x1


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F140 Special Pouch Alchemilla x3, Gothic Ribbon x2, Watery Robe x1, Two-Headed Skin x1
F141 Teddy Pouch Nylonester x1, Cashmere x1, Teddie Doll x5
F142 Pumpkin Pouch Pumpkin Doll x2, Glowing Liquid x1, Burlap Cloth x1
F143 Capy Pouch Capy Doll x1, Burlap Cloth x1
F144 Ororon Pouch Ororon Doll x1, Willow Leaf x2, Worm Scale x1
F145 Polkadot Pouch Teddie Doll x1


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F074 Fire Ring Red Lapis x3, Fairy Garland x1
F075 Water Ring Blue Lapis x3, Fairy Garland x1
F076 Wind Ring Purple Lapis x3, Fairy Garland x1
F077 Earth Ring Green Lapis x3, Fairy Garland x1
F078 Lightning Ring Yellow Lapis x3, Fairy Garland x1
F079 Light Ring White Lapis x2, Glowing Metal x1
F080 Dark Ring Black Lapis x2, Glowing Metal x1
F081 Spectrum Ring Knowledge Fruit x1, Glowing Metal x5, Nightmare Gem x1, Serontosphere x10
F082 Poison Ring Silver Ring x1, Dividing Liquid x3
F083 Paralyze Ring Silver Ring x1, Worm Scale x2
F084 Sleep Ring Silver Ring x1, Devil Nectar x1
F085 Seal Ring Silver Ring x2, Mermaid Scale x1
F086 Curse Ring Silver Ring x2, Bat Wing x5, Fairy Wing x5
F087 Darkness Ring Cracked Ring x2, Glass Statue x2, Cursed Bone x2
F088 Fear Ring Cracked Ring x2, Serpent Skin x1
F089 Charm Ring Cracked Ring x2, Pumpkin Doll x1
F325 Hellfire Ring Fire Ring x1, Irispira x3, Tough Scale x2
F326 Frost Ring Water Ring x1, Irispira x3, Ice Crystal x2
F327 Gale Ring Wind Ring x1, Irispira x3, Demon Wing x2
F328 Continent Ring Earth Ring x1, Irispira x3, Gravity Stone x2
F329 Arc Ring Lightning Ring x1, Irispira x3, Cursed Fin x1
F330 Solar Ring Light Ring x1, Irispira x3, Serontosphere x2
F331 Void Ring 1: Dark Ring x1, Irispira x3, Night Drop x2, Black Lapis x2
2) Majin Fang x1

Decoy DollsEdit

Item # Item Name Materials Required
F091 Decoy Doll Alpha Teddie Doll x2, Tattered Doll x2
F092 Decoy Doll Beta Decoy Doll x1, Capy Doll x2, Pumpkin Doll x2
F093 Decoy Doll Theta 1) Pumpkin X Doll x1, Ororon Doll x1
2) Decoy Doll x1, Scary Bear Doll x1, Dragon Blood x2
F094 Decoy Doll Omega Decoy Doll x1, Pelvic Fragment x3, Dark Garments x2, Sad Scale x1


Item # Item Name Materials Required
F332 Experience Gem Phantasm Alloy x1, Alchemy Crystal x1, Alhest Solution x1
F333 Master Gem Knowledge Fruit x1, Royal Liquid x5, Nightmare Gem x3

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