The Fortified Beast is the first boss in Cecilia's Story.


  • LOCATION: Palfina Cathedral, Monolith in Basement
  • ASPECT: Cerulean Flame
  • EXP/FP: 108/70


  • Kachiage: Deals about 50 damage to a single Party Member.
  • Bellow: - Has a chance of inflicting poison on the whole Party.
  • Tough Shell: - Increases defense.


  1. If Rafael's attacking first, use Air Render. If its Cecilia's turn , use Angelic Beam.
  2. After the first turn, use Rafael's Gemini Boost to speed things up a bit, and have Cecilia use Release Force.
  3. If one of your Party's HP falls below 50, recover with Cecilia's Healing Baton on them.

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