Upon beating the game, you will unlock Extras Mode on the title screen. This will include 5 sections, some of which require certain items to unlock. It will require precision, non-stop battling and a very good chance of harvesting the rare items.

  • Items (Encyclopedia, Level 50 Title reward)
    • Lists every Ragnafact, Spirifact, & Forcefact that you have acquired.
  • Enemies (Scanning Specs, "Cries of the Deceased" arena battle reward)
    • Lists every enemy (in every variation) that you have defeated. It would require repeat encounters
  • Art (automatically unlocked)
    • Shows every avatar that you've seen in the game from various lines of dialogue.
  • Movies (Memory Crystal, "The Charming Ones" arena battle reward)
    • Replays any of the anime cutscenes that you have seen in the game.
  • BGM (music, automatically unlocked)
    • Replays any music that you have heard in the game.

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