Dragon's Abyss Colosseum
Who R.U. Tufnuf
Where Dragon's Abyss
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After clearing certain phases (probably Phase 3), talk to R.U. Tufnuf (M・タンピン?) in B1F of the Dragon's Abyss to initiate a battle. You receive no EXP or FP for winning, but will win a reward. Afterwards, your HP and RP are fully restored for everyone.

There are five battles ranks (D,C,B,A,S), each getting progressively more difficult from easy. Each rank has three distinct battles to clear, in order to unlock the next rank.

D RankEdit

Battle Name Enemies Rewards Rewards (2nd Time)
The Trial
Altaica x2, Charmer Mallady Stardust
Beginner's Agony
Ulexite Regaledge Stardust
Victory in an Obligation
Humerus, Angeu Rexraid Stardust

C RankEdit

Battle Name Enemies Rewards Rewards (2nd Time)
Radical Men
Lot, Alaseed Decoy Doll Theta Energy Mist
One You Must Overcome
Baskerville x2, Hanshin Sanocane Energy Mist
Cries of the Deceased
Lot x2, Smierc Scanning Specs Energy Mist

B RankEdit

Battle Name Enemies Rewards Rewards (2nd Time)
Ballroom Blitz
Hornblende x2, Wijeen Orb of Hope Energy Mist
Infinite Nightmare
Mevious x2, Smok Soothsong Energy Mist
The Charming Ones
Coy, Lucretia x2 Memory Crystal Energy Mist

A RankEdit

Battle Name Enemies Rewards Rewards (2nd Time)
The Disciplined Warrior
Bandhavargh, Colossus Spectrum Ring Older Liquid
The Incredible Obstacle
Mantrap x2 Platinum Crown Older Liquid
Showdown of Destiny
Wijeen, Ukidona Brave Cape Older Liquid

S RankEdit

The S Rank however, is only unlocked after defeating the Dark Sage. Furthermore, there are three hidden additional battles that are unlocked by presenting items (rewards from titles) to R.U. Tufnuf.

  • "The Rare Monsters" can be unlocked by the Ragphobia Gem, rewarded from the title "Hyper Ultra Thanks".
  • "Deadly Invitation" can be unlocked by the Cerelcris Gem, rewarded from the title "Force Eater Beater ".
  • "The Eternal One" can be unlocked by the Slygale Gem, rewarded from the title "In Your Face, Me!".
Battle Name Enemies Rewards Rewards (2nd Time)
The Liberated One
Axel, Virtus, Bahn Master Gem Older Liquid
Defeat the Hexyz!
打倒! エクシズ
Velvet, Virtus, Faust Radiant Headband Older Liquid
The Unconquered Trial
Hornblende, Long Majestic Earring Older Liquid
The Rare Monsters
Force Eater x5 Hover Soles Older Liquid
Deadly Invitation
Levant, Cecilia, Axel Evil Shackles Older Liquid
The Eternal One
Rafael, Luffina, Ciel Zankburg Tea Older Liquid


  • You have to wait 3 other battles before fighting at the arena again.


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