Desert Lady
When First Visit
Who Penelope Prickles
Where Endless Sands
Reward Alchemilla
List of Sidequests


In the second area of Endless Sands (where the crossroads is), near the bones is a stone structure you can enter and take a secret path around the area with. It eventually leads out to a cactus. Talk to ... her to begin the quest.

Penelope seems to love Forest Water and deals well with Holy Water, but the quickest way to finish this quest is to give her two Lymphos Fluids, which can be farmed from Shades in the Grandz of Altair. You must fight five battles in-between waterings.

When you finish the quest, Penelope essentially becomes an Alchemilla Harvest Point.


  • Dumping Mercury on her will add to your Destruction points.


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