King of the Drakes

Drakes (龍燐族 Ryuu rin zoku?) are a long lived race of mystical beings that can transform themselves into mighty dragons. In regular appearances, they "humanize" themselves to reach out to other races while sporting some reptile features on parts of their body. Their age are a 100 times longer than humans, and the longest living race second to the elves. They reside in the Dragon's Abyss in the Lustrous Side.

They are currently divided into two factions; Namely the Radicals, the followers of Virtus and the other called the Moderates, followers of Ignus and lead by Regnum.

An example of their long lived lives is their current chief and Hexyz named Ignus. Ignus is chronilogically 1600 years old, with a 16-year old appearance to other races. But despite their long life span, they have a incredibly low birth rate. A chance of one draken egg in one hundred years. That's why when Virtus attacked the Dragons Abyss and killed many of his fellow drakes, Regnum exclaimed that this is a death sentence to our race.

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