Axel Faulken von Rosenbaum
Japanese Name アクセル=ファルケン・フォン・ローゼンバウム
Age 28
Race Human
Home Rosenbaum Empire
World Darkness
Role Antagonist/Ally
Weapon Holy Bluebeide
Voice Tomoyasu Sakata (JP)

Axel Faulken Von Rosenbaum (アクセル=ファルケン・フォン・ローゼンバウム Akuseru Faruken Fon Rōzenbaumu?) is the young emperor of the Rosenbaum Empire. He wields the Ragnafacts of Illnada (Holy Bluebeide), the divine Pillar of the Cerulean Flame.

He is a remarkable leader of the humans for his ideals of peace and co-existence amongst the other races is highly envisioned by Bahn and Levant that he promoted to the ranks of Cerulean Knights. At the beginning of the game he introduced his elf fiancée Natulle to his most trusted knight Levant. Though uneasy seeing and being able to shake hands to a Halb, he accepted for the greater good not only for Rosenbaum but to all of Berge as well. But their ideals where crumbled due to tragic turn of events.

He became evil due to the assassination of his fiancée Natulle. He dreams of uniting all the Halbs(non-Humans) and Humans by marrying Natulle of the elves. When the assassination occurred, he blames the Halbs and declares war against them although the reason behind this was Azul brainwashing Axel into fighting with him, because of the selfishness of the gods.

At the final battle in the Upper Tower, the other pillars Cecilia and Levant manage to defeat him, break off the brainwashing causing Axel to realize his mistakes.


The only real advantage to Axel is that he is the only character to retain his levels through every playthrough. Axel is a high-powered party member for when you level him up to 99 in the first play through, saving effort for when reaching the Upper Floors in the next run.

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